One of the only constants we have in life is change. For many of us, changes can be intimidating, confusing, and tough.  Without consciously realizing it, change can completely throw you off balance. Changes, such as spiritual awakening, grieving, career shifts, etc can cause feelings of resistance and fear. Resistance and fear may cause us to become stuck or dis-eased in our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

One-on-one coaching is for those who hear the call to change and are ready to embrace it.


Experience the power of energy medicine.

Imbalances in one’s energy field manifest on the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms of being. Energy healing is a transformative, natural, and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement.


Spirit speaks to us in many ways.

Tarot and Oracle cards are a way for our energy to connect directly to Spirit through images, symbols, and pictures.

Rituals such as smudging, crystals, intention setting, meditation, and mantra are used to clear, ground, and prepare for the reading. We will connect with your Ancestors, Angels, and Allies to ask for guidance and support.


Chiron symbolizes the archetype of the wounded healer. Chiron uses the healing arts as a means of healing himself, and not only himself but others too. He shines the light, giving others that which he most needed.

We as Healer take on alot. And sometimes it feels like too much. I created the Healers Healing to specifically support other Healers in their personal self care and healing journeys so they can best support others.


I believe what we wear and how we wear it is an important creative expression of our truest self. I believe style is a magic power and dressing is a sacred ritual! 

Soul Styling Sessions begin with discussing who you are and where your current style lies. Through my personalized style survey and oracle card reading, we will begin to unearth what style illuminates your soul. I will also share practices to keep you radiating self-love in your daily life.