** Disclaimer ** 

Rabbit Rabbit Co handcrafts each product with love and intention. They are infused with our personal magic, but we cannot make any claims or guarantees about usage. The buyer assumes all responsibility upon purchase. Please remember to burn candles and herbs away from children, pets and flammable surfaces. These item are not intended to treat or prevent any illness, disease or injury. Contents may shift during shipping.

 What is your Shipping & Return Policy?

All orders ship in 3-5 days. All sales are final, and damages will be given full refund in 7 days from shipping date. Please take pictures when requesting a refund, which helps us improve our process.

Are you a witch?

I practice what I call Earth Magic, which is not a religion nor follows one set of beliefs. It is based upon a deep reverence for the Elements, Earth, and all of her natural gifts. It fosters strong connections to oneself, Goddess energy and the Divine. 

Do you handle Custom Orders?

I love to! I truly enjoy the opportunity to work with our clients to create custom products. Weddings, moon circles, Solstice gatherings, we love any type of party. Contact us and we can chat!

Do you Wholesale?

Yes! We purposefully build relationships with stores and boutiques who align with our vision and values. If you have a Wholesale inquiry please drop us a note!

Who makes your products? Where are they made?

Rabbit Rabbit Co is a female-owned small business. All products are handmade by me in our home in New Jersey. The lavender, and some of the other plants we use, are grown in our beloved fairy garden. A future dream is to expand to a store front where our products and knowledge can come to life and continue to grow.

How are your products packaged?

Sustainability is important to us. We repurpose as much shipping materials as  possible. All orders come in a cardboard box or mailer. 

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